About Us

Who we are and what we are about are a reflectionof the ministry and vision of our Pastor, The Reverend Doctor Bobbie Blackburn. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Faith,
“Resolution” is a word that can apply to so many different aspects of our lives - from the way the pixels configure on a video screen to the plans we make to retrain ourselves in a New Year toward more faithful living! Guess what I want to talk about?  Hint: has nothing to do with pixels!
        During the Season of Advent we have been “awakened” once again to the importance of our Savior’s coming into this world -- both 2018 years ago and TODAY!  We have been compelled by John the Baptist to look at our individual responses to the advent of Jesus, and we have been drenched in the Carols and beauty of the Christmas season.  Now it is time to start a new calendar year, and with the momentum of celebrating the Savior’s birth at our back, we are well-equipped to make 2019 a refreshed and renewed time of spiritual growing.
        Someone very wise once said, “If you aren’t growing and changing, you are dead.”  We know it is true on a cellular level - every day of our lives our amazing bodies create new cells (222 billion to 242 billion for adults - I looked it up on the internet!) Spiritually, growth and change are the signs of vitality.
        So, how will you plan to grow in the coming New Year?  We are delighted at Trinity to have a number of ways to help you engage in getting some traction on a New Year of growth and change.  We are not limiting ourselves to one aspect of life however.  Mostly because every part of our being is inextricably connected - so what you do to serve the body’s fitness in turn feeds the spirit; and what engages the core of our faith in study, worship and prayer in turn strengthens our physical being.  Actually, one of the distinctions that helps me remember this is: "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
        That being said, what’s the line up at TLC to assist you in your human experience in 2019? Well, I have to start off with what I believe to be THE most important aspect of our lives together: WORSHIP!  We will continue to offer four regular weekend worship experiences, paying attention to creating space to hear God’s Word, rejoice in God’s love, share the sacraments and support one another in presence and prayer. If it is not already there, you can now put first on your New Year’s Resolution list: “weekly worship.”
        We continue to pay attention to physical fitness and health by offering free Zumba every Thursday (thanks to Gonzalo Hernandez!) and free resistance training every Tuesday and Thursday (thanks to Christine Harte!). Additionally, this February we are delighted to be hosting Luke Ketterhagen of the Himalayan Institute for a weekend yoga training (see separate article) emphasizing again the connection between our bodies and spirits as we employ this tool for spiritual growth during the season of Lent.
        Even before the New Year’s clock strikes, we are gathering December 27th at 7pm to learn from our Registered Dietician, Rebecca Henson, how to create resolutions that “stick:” 3 steps to lose weight and love your body for life.  If you miss Rebecca’s presentation on December 27th, she will be doing the same presentation on Sunday, January 6th at 10am.  Beginning Tuesday, January 15th, a new weekly FJT group will meet at 5:30pm to learn from Rebecca, engage in Bible study and support each other in Rebecca’s tried and successful approach.
        On Sundays at 10am, our Faith Formation hour, the New Year Schedule will include the last Sunday of the month being our traditional GIFT (Generations Growing in Faith Together) and all other Sundays will have age-related Sunday School. Children ages 3 years to High School will have individual classroom experiences (see where to go for your age later in this newsletter) and adults will meet in the fellowship hall.  We are grateful to Kim Frye for presenting monthly Thrivent workshops - January’s is held on the 13th and will help you identify one thing that can make a big impact on your financial life for 2019.  Check the bulletin each week for info on weekly forum offerings and classes.
        We don’t yet have our dates determined for our next lunch in the field with our migrant worker ministry, but be looking for details -- indeed it is a marvelous opportunity to help stretch our expression of God’s love to the very hands that harvest our food!
        If your creative side is craving some exercise, take a gander at the Stained Glass Making Class that will be offered beginning the middle of the month.  I personally know the teacher and can vouch for his expertise! 
        Also, check out our Choir and Handbell opportunities!!!!!
        Last but certainly not least, Dr. Kenneth Lentz joins us to lead two FJT group times for a 9 week course on the Basics of the Christian Faith.  Three other FJT groups' times to study the weekend’s preaching scripture - John's Gospel - begin mid-month, too.
        Following Jesus with You in this human experience,
                              Pastor Bobbie