About Us

Who we are and what we are about are a reflectionof the ministry and vision of our Pastor, The Reverend Doctor Bobbie Blackburn. 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Faith,

The Celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord was a momentous occasion for me for a number of different reasons this year.  First, on a playful note, Easter fell on April Fool’s Day this year, holding a rich opportunity for “pun” that I cannot let it go unnoted.  Everyone expected that Jesus would stay dead.  That is what dead people do.  They breathe their last breath and then get laid in a tomb and after time, all that remains are bones...and hundreds of years later even the bones are no more.  BUT NOT JESUS - oh, no!  They laid him in the tomb and three days later, he sneaks up out of the tomb and right past the guards posted so nobody would steal his body and shouts: “April Fool!” 
          Easter plays a joke on death, draining it of its power to control and frighten us.  It is my very favorite festival of the Church Year -- without Easter, we have nothing to celebrate, no hope to proclaim.  As Easter people we are shaped and formed into resurrection reminders and bearers and bringers.  What a brilliant and vibrant mission we have! 
          This particular year Easter had an additional joyous aspect for me because you granted me my 5th Sabbatical time as your pastor and I was away for April and May getting refreshed and re-enlivened.  While I love what I do as your pastor, I cherish these periods of Sabbath time to reconnect with my husband and experience life at a less frenetic pace for a bit. 
          I used this time to study and pray in intentional ways.   I took advantage of learning opportunities that you will hear about more. I look worshipped in different congregations, seeing what folks are up to outside our Bradenton world as well. 
          I have now returned to this remarkable faith community which I deeply love. Thank you for your prayers and support of all our ministries while I was away.
         May the Peace and Joy of the Risen Christ be with You,   
Pastor Bobbie